Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big day out...

Yesterday after an hour of physical therapy (where Mike was able to transfer to the car,) Mike was transported to the doctor's office. His blood count was high enough to start another 5 days of chemo, beginning Monday. He was so extremely tired after all of the exercise and the excersion. He slept quite well last night.

We are so excited to have Hannah coming today. Tyler will get her from the airport and then he and one of the grandbabies will bring her home. I have Mike back in bed now so he will feel rested for the visit this afternoon.

I think we are getting into a routine that is feeling much more comfortable for Mike. He continues to be very tired a lot of the time. We are beginning to have some good conversations, however, and Mike is cracking a few jokes :)

Thanks to all who have helped with care, meals, cards, yard work, etc. Your service and sacrifice for us will be greatly rewarded with blessings in your lives.


  1. It sounded like great news that Mike could transfer into the car to go to his medical visit. I am sure he was worn out, but he DID IT! I know Mom will be coming today to relieve you (Nancy). Thanks for allowing her to serve you both in this means so much to her and she willing to come help ANYTIME. I can hear in her voice how much she wants to help in any way she can. I will be home on Friday. What great news to hear that Hannah will be home too. Sending my love and prayers your direction. Maybe on Sat., Mom and I can take care of Mike and allow you and Hannah some mother/daughter time alone (i.e. shopping, for a dinner, a short excursion). I'll call and check in.

    Love to All,


  2. Nancy,
    Glad to hear Mike has gotten a little much needed rest. Don't forget about your rest as well and remembe: Gena & I are ready to visit with Mike while you and Hannah head to church on Sunday:) SusanT

  3. That is so wonderful that Hannah gets to visit! :)

  4. Love you both....loved talking with Mike on Wednesday evening....he was being quite funny!Prayers you all.