Friday, October 2, 2009

Home again...

Our trip home wasn't as we expected yesterday, but we are home nonetheless. Mike slept very well last night. His morning meds have been administered (including one shot) and he seems to feel comfortable with his new bed and surroundings. Tyler and Andy spent the day with me yesterday and Ty spent the night. It was nice to have him here. Andy is coming tonight. There are a few others who will take a turn. For a while I feel much more comfortable not being alone. There is a home nurse coming soon. We will have physical therapy at home for a time.

My day has been so odd... This is the first day since the last part of August that I have been home and didn't have to drive to the hospital! It is wonderful :)

Thanks for your continued concern, love and prayers in our behalf.


  1. Bienvenidos a su casa! Home is a piece of heaven! Nancy, I am so glad to hear that you have help during the night - if nothing more than to help you carry the responsibility and have someone at your side. Welcome home Mike!

  2. Mike and Nancy,
    So glad to hear that Mike is home once again. Please don't try to be Super Woman, take each step slowly and caring for your hubby will be easier. So glad the boys were with you yesterday and are able to help makes a huge difference as you fight this battle! You know my offer stands if you need someone to spend a night don't hesitate to put me on the sleep over list of volunteers! Enjoy this beautiful fall day, the fact that Mike is home with you and your kids are just a moment away! Now, go bake those chocolate chip cookies!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. So glad you are home. Yay for not having to drive to the hospital!

  4. WELCOME HOME!!!! :)

    Hugs...Mike, Sue and Rudy

  5. I am thrilled for you both! We are here for you! We love you! Let us know how we can help....with ANYTHING.

    Hola Rudy!!


  6. So glad to hear you are both back to homebase! May you develop a new normal routine that fits both your needs.

    I'm happy that you can watch General Conference together!

    Love and prayers,