Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday's schedule

My occupational and physical therapy are at the end of the day, so I have tried to rest all morning. The chemo pills have also been no problem thanks to Nancy's excellent attention to timing each step. I am so grateful for her.


  1. Hooray that the chemo is going its job and that you are tolerating it so well. We are grateful for both of you...have a good day!


  2. Care for those who are ill, will always be in the hands of the certainly have one of the best!! Glad the week is going well, let's pray that it continues and Christmas week is the best week ever for the "Ellis team"!! So, much for all of us to be thankful for!

    Love and hugs,

  3. We are so grateful for your blog. To us your news is like a spiritual vitamin pill. We never want to miss a day because of the courage and faith it gives us.
    We love you
    mk and tim