Sunday, December 6, 2009

aSunday in December already

In some ways this year has moved very quickley, but some things continue to creep along (like my recovery.) I try to be patient and wait on the Lord's time. We still have faith in His plan for this time of our lives.

First thing tomorrow (Monday),we travel to an outpatient physical therapy facility for evaluation and to set up a schedule. I'm a bit nervous about what to expect, but am determined to gain body functions & get back to serving others.

I send you my sincere gratitude for your love, support and prayers. Please continue as I take this next big step. Love Mike


  1. LOVE the nativity and that's just like you, Mike (and Nancy) ...thinking about serving others!

  2. When I look in the dictionary for a definition for the word "giving" there is a picture of Mike Ellis for all he gives! Your work and efforts certainly show us all how we should live our lives! I will continue to pray for miracles and goodness for Both you and Nancy. Nice to see you back on the blog and even nicer to know you are gaining strength everyday!
    Enjoy this wonderful time of year!

    hugs and love to all,

  3. It made me happy to wake up this morning and read your blog post, Mike. I attended your stake conference yesterday and got to sit with and talk to your Mom. What a choice woman of God she is. You are ever in our prayers.

  4. Good Luck this week, Michael Wayne. Our love and prayers go with you.


    Sis (Jan)