Friday, December 18, 2009

it's Aqua therapy Friday!

Can you tell I'm excited with this part of the process? I look forward to the comfort of the of the water and floating & exercising. It is the best!

We have had 4 nights of chemotherapy with zero problems. Things are going very well. I am tired and sleeping a bit more during the chemo, but that is a small price to pay.

I attended Muncie Sunrise Rotary via skype from my room. I even had breakfast in bed while attending! It was fun to greet each one as they dropped by the camera to talk. It truly was the next best thing to being there. Thanks to my good friends, Andy and Kathy (and Nancy) for making this happen.


  1. Hooray for skype!! I hope you are enjoying the warm, healing water as I write this! PTL that the chemo has had no side effects except making you sleepy. Thinking of you both!


  2. Mike, this absolutely made my day! I was so happy to hear about your therapy and being able to be among your friends in the meeting! Cheers for the therapy going so well. Mike and Nancy, you are SO loved. We told our missionaries all about you this last week - about your dedication, your testimony, your service, and love for the Lord, the people of Muncie, and the church. You are a great example - still lifting souls all over the world!