Sunday, December 20, 2009

A new challenge

Yesterday afternoon Nancy's dad went to the hospital with chest pains. The thought is that he had a mild heart attack. He was admitted to the cardiac unit. More tests will be run, probably tomorrow to determine if he needs another stent. He is otherwise remarkably healthly for an 82 year old man. Nancy has a mighty full plate taking care of all of us usual. Please keep Nancy and her family in your prayers.


  1. we will certianly keep all of you in thoughts and prayers...anything we can do please let us know. Nancy, will find strength where she never thought possible.

    love and hugs to all,

  2. Mike, 82 is not that "old!" Mr. Huffman is in our prayers.


  3. To all the Huffman/Norrick family...we send our prayers for Bill's health. May the doctors be guided and provide the best care possible.

    Mike...It's so good to see you are continuing with the blogging! Every time I see that pic of you in the pool without a shirt, I feel a chill run thru me! It's cold and snowy there! It's great that the heated pool makes you feel so good. We hope that you can continue with this routine over the holidays as well. We all love to see you are making progress.

    We enjoyed hearing about you "skping in" on the Rotarians!!! What wonderful technology!

    Love you, Nance, and the kids. Please keep the snow at bay so we can get up to Muncie on the 26th!

    Merry Christmas with Our Love!

    Jan and Wes

  4. I'm sorry that Bill and all of you are dealing with an additional challenge. I hope he will receive the care he needs and quickly be able to return home. We do, indeed, remember you and your family each time we pray. I'm so happy to know that you are receiving so much benefit from the aqua therapy. I hope you find moments of joy today in the midst of your challenges.
    Much love, Sandra