Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas aftermath...

We are all very tired. We are anxious for Hannah to come tomorrow.

Christmas was good. We enjoyed family and friends. I am not one to leave the house decorated for very long... It is not unusual for me to remove the decorations on Christmas night. I waited until yesterday... While Mike slept, everything got packed away.

Mike had a couple of hours of therapy today. I stayed and did quite a bit of walking with him. He is so much more stable than the last time we walked together. He is very slowly regaining his strength. We are so grateful for small improvements.

Tonight we need to sleep...


  1. Nancy,
    Turn off the phone and put a DO NOT DISTURB on the door and take a long winter's nap today:)

  2. I hope the addition of sunshine to your day will help the sunshine of that much anticipated visit from Hannah should help as well. The holidays are tough on everyone, but especially those who are dealing with illness. Take it a little slower, get some reast & let this glorious sun warm your heart & soul. Hopefully that will help you recharge your inner batteries! Hope you have a good visit with Hannah!
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea