Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hannah is home!

Tyler picked Hannah up at th airport last evening and they arrived homeabout10:00 pm. The security at LAX was tighter due to th"underwear bomber,but she had no trouble getting here.Hannah will be homefor a week.


  1. I am so glad Miss Hannah is home for a good for Mike and Nancy! I am sure there will be several requests for Hannah's famous mac n' cheese!!
    Hannah will be well taken care of at the Indianapolis Airport when she departs.

    Enjoy your time together.


  2. Dear Mike and Nancy,

    So glad Hannah is back among the fold. We had a fun visit with Julie and our oldest, Kristi and family. Fun to get better acquainted with Jordan. Cute boy! Julie is back at work and Kristi and co. left Tuesday. Really fun Christmas! Our love to all, Toni and Tom

  3. HI HANNAH!!! I hope you guys have a great New Year!

  4. Mike & Nancy,
    Hurrah for Hannah! We know how very much it means to have her home again for a while. She will be pleased at Mike's progress and really glad to see her brothers, as well as those wee ones wo are not so wee anymore. Enjoy every minute of it. And this grandma and grandpa are just as anxious to see her as well as both of you. Enjoy these days. Love & prayers. J&B