Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aqua therapy-a most wonderful experience!

We made our 2nd trip to the outpatient rehab facility this morning and it far exceeded my expectations. The pool has a ramp and plastic wheelchair. The therapist took me down into very warm water. A therapist had me get out of the chair on my own and hold onto a hand rail where I walked almost the length of the pool. We then did some strengthening exercises for my left leg and some for my right. I then walked sideways back to the chair and ramp. it was very warm and comfortable in the water and I didn't come away completely exhausted. I loved it and wouldn't mind doing it every day. This is definitely the right therapy for me right now. The Lord continues to to direct my path to recovery. We are counting our blessings each day.

Note from Nancy: The pool area was so hot it reminded me of where I could go if I don't behave!!! I could not stay and watch the entire therapy session as I was about to implode. We are so very grateful we are starting this new chapter... Outpatient therapy was indeed the right move. Mike was happier today than he has been in months! We should never take for granted our ability to move about freely. Being in the pool used to make my kids very, very tired. That always meant that good naps were in store... I hope the same happens for Mike today :)


  1. WOW!

    This is so exciting for the two of you, not to mention a great deal of work but the results will be priceless. We will all continue to encourage and pray for strength both physically and mentally for the two of you.

    love and hugs,

  2. Water therapy....I would LOVE to be in that pool with Mike tomorrow!! Thanks for always posting information so that so many of us can stay informed. Mike will sleep well tonight, for sure. Love you two.


  3. Hahahaha - Sister Ellis, I love you lol. :) My brother's done some physical therapy for his knee in the water, and he loved it! Isn't it cool how such a leisurely activity can be used for such good on our bodies? Guess you're going to have to get a pool put in at your place. ;)

  4. yes, water is amazing therapy. David Werner loved his water time at BMH when he was there.
    Mike-you will be a swimmer yet!


  5. Mikey: We're thinking of you and Rotary is not the same without you. Get well soon...Rotary Park will suffer this spring if you can't be there to keep Devon off that darn shovel! Anson Ross

  6. So glad you have a warm pool to work in. It sounds like this will be great for you Mike. Keep working that water!!



  7. Nancy,
    You should see if they would let you get in the water too (that way you could stand to be in there throughout). It would help you relax as well & that warm water is so wonderful! Also, you could work with Mike too!

    Either that or go out to Barb's & hit the hot tub once in a is amazing how much better it makes you feel...even with the cold outside!!

    Thanks for sharing the great news!
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea