Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's new start

We had an early morning occupationaal therapy session followed by aqua therapy. They are going to work on my left arm & shoulder with great intensity. I am still enjoying the water so much. We did many exercises today, so i am a bit more tired. We are starting my 4th round of chemotherapy tonight, so I must follow a time schedule very closely so i won't get sick. We did it perfectly last time with Nancy's close attention. We are confident this round will also go well and we will finish on Friday and get over the fatigue before Christmas.


  1. Oh, how fortunate your schedule is going to work out for Christmas day! And I'm glad you're loving being in the water. I think it looks like fun!

  2. It all sounds so positive and upbeat. Thanks be to God!


  3. Mike and Nancy,
    So many prayers have beenanswered thus far on this journey. I love reading the notes from Mike and sense the excitement in his voice as he tells us all about the next step. You are both so brave and full of faith, faith being the one piece that has gotten you so far. Jim is right thanks be to God for where you are in this journey. Hope you have a great week, with no complications followed by a great Christmas week.

    love and hugs to all,

  4. Mike & Nancy,
    I am not surprised with the healing of water, it has alwasy worked for Bob:) They will have you doing laps in no time. I'm so glad things are looking up for the holidays! SusanT

  5. You have the BEST CARE GIVER in the entire world, Miguel! You two make a wonderful team....always have...always will.