Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Loading and unloading...

Today Mike and I loaded and unloaded from the car 8 times! We went to the doctor this afternoon... His office backs up to the eatery that serves Mike's favorite chocolate milkshakes. We couldn't help ourselves from driving through. This evening we attended a ribbon cutting at a nursing/residence facility for the opening of a new Alzheimer's unit. Mike's office had helped with some of the space planning. It was again nice for Mike to get out of the house and visit with some folks in the community. Tomorrow we say good bye to Hannah. It has been great having her here again. Thanks to Tyler, we now have the capability to Skype... We have had fun the last two evenings talking to and seeing Will and Maggie on the computer.

We are both physically tired this evening, but have had a good day again. Thanks to so many of you who greet Mike and I and let us know that you have been praying for us. We know our collective prayers are being answered. You each mean so much to us.


  1. Miracles are possible, but they happen so seldom that we often don't recognize them as such....I'm thrilled that you have been able to share in this miraculous time together. I hope this time of hope lasts for a very long time..
    love ya,
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

    p.s. Skype is wonderful. Mom & Dad would have LOVED using that to see their grandkids! We had it when Chelsea was in France & I think it helped her and us! Good for Tyler!!!

  2. Loading and unloading is great news!! Wow, you two have got the rhythm DOWN!! Glad that both of you are out and about and I know how much people are enjoying the time with both of you. Hannah, we love you and will see you soon. Have another good day today...always thinking of the Ellis familia!


  3. Mike & Nancy,
    How good it is to see Mike (and you) getting out and around. I'm sure it makes you tired to get in and out of the car 8 times, but that would tire anyone!! Good things are coming your way and you are so deserving. Your FRIENDS and FAMILY are so pleased with some "uppers". I think the new skype must be great fun for everyone. How great to see the grandkids from your chair in the family room!!Everyone will really enjoy this---Tyler is "so up on everything"! Bless his heart. We are so proud of you, Mike, as you have been such a contributer to Muncie as well as many other things. Keep up the good work and we continue to send our love and prayers. J&B

  4. We would love to talk to you. Just let us know when you are available or perhaps you can see us when you are on line. Karen and I faithfully keep up with your blog. It is a great encouragement to us.