Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend update

We have had quiet weekend... Yesterday the massage therapist visited our house again. Mike and I felt very relaxed after our massages. Mike slept very well last night. I have had help the last 2 nights and have also slept well. Sleep really does make all the difference!

Andy stayed with Mike this a.m. and I was able to go to church. It was nice to be there again. Two of the young men from our church brought the sacrament to Mike. We are so grateful for that. We had a couple of visitors and some nice phone calls.

We have anxiety about starting this new regimen, but tomorrow is our day and we will do it. Mike's headaches have not subsided much, so hopefully this treatment will make him more comfortable. We do worry about the side effects, but having weighed our options, this seems to be the best right now.

Your prayers in Mike's behalf will be so appreciated as he begins this new treatment.


  1. We'll be thinking about you tomorrow morning, and of course our prayers are always with you.

  2. Keeping positive thoughts coming your way along with lots and lots of prayers! You have made it this far, I know you will take this challenge and make it look like it is nothing BIG yet again and your journey will continue.

    love and hugs,

  3. Nancy,
    Regardless of the circumstances, Mike looked real good this morning before his treatment.......especially his hair:) Lets hope the nausea fairy stays away! SusanT