Thursday, February 4, 2010

We've been asked over and over again over the last little while what people can do to help.

Physically and emotionally we are doing fine. We have wonderful friends who have given us and dad the love and care that we need over the last few months and continue to come and care for us during this final stretch. We feel the love and support of each of you as these amazing people do and say just the right things to bring us all comfort. We have been the recipients of some amazing meals this week and thank you for the love and care that you put into providing these for us. We have gained strength from a loving Heavenly Father who has brought us peace and calm during a time when we might be finding difficulty. We are being taken care of just the way we need to be, and we thank you for that. Your prayers are being answered in our peace.

Last evening we had a good discussion with a dear friend. He mentioned how nice it would be to start writing down some memories of dad. This is something that you can help us with. We would love for as many of you as are willing to write down some of the wonderful memories that you have of dad. Your words will provide comfort for us for years to come and a way for his grand kids and great grand kids to get to know him from a different perspective. Mail them to us, email them to us, leave messages on the blog, or just keep them until you see us. We know how much you have meant to dad and would like to remember dad in this way.

Thank you,


  1. We love you so much. We'll be praying and write things we remember. We'll do anything we can. God bless you.

  2. I worked with Mike on the United Way Board as well as several other projects in the community. Mike you gave your time and money to make this community a better place. I am a better person because of you and I love your entire family.
    All of my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Ron and Sherry Murphy

  3. What a fine thing to let us offer...memories of Mr. Michael Ellis, the 9th grader who wore black glasses and was a member of the Delta wrestling team. I was a sophmore...Mike was quiet, a bit shy and had that HUGE smile back then as well. Who would have thought that he would be my brother-in-law one day? The legacy that Mike has left, not only for the city of Muncie and for his family, but for everyone he has ever known. I am sad that I didn't know Mike even better, as the family gatherings didn't happen often enough. I truly was unaware of the many accomplishments of Mike through the years because he didn't talk about them! But I do know what a wonderful mate he is for Nancy (who else could keep her under control) and what a wonderful father and grandfather he is. He also has taken very good care of his mother, his mother-in-law and his father-in-law. Such a special man...if only every woman could be blessed with a husband like Mike and every child could blessed with a father like Mike. We will never forget him and we know his memory will live on in so many ways.


  4. Hannah,
    I know I didn't ask your permission, but I forwarded your message to some UW people in the community to give them a chance to share a few stories about Mike, as well. I am thinking there could be hundreds....what a guy. SusanT.

  5. Top 10 Reasons Delaware County, Indiana is a better place because of Mike Ellis:

    1) Mike is always a cheerleader.
    2) Mike is one of those "forever young" looking people who I always thought was 10 years younger than me until I asked him!
    3) Mike has great stories about being young and struggling and going to school and can therefore relate to need.
    4) Mike makes other people want to do things just by his enthusiasm.
    5) Mike has an infectious smile.
    6) Mike loves United Way and all it represents in a way that few can match.
    7) Mike is a strong man of God.
    8) Mike must have a wonderful family, if they have followed his example.
    9) Mike makes lots of lives richer of those who have the opportunity to work with him.
    And finally,
    10) Mike can explain United Way Community Impact so well (genuinely and with 'smoke and mirrors'), that it seems to those who are going to be impacted negatively that Community Impact is the be all to end all for the community!

    Thanks for all your countless hours of service and dedication to this place, these people and the folks who work so hard to make it better.

    We love you, Mike!!!!

    Molly Flodder

  6. I remember Nancy and Mike as high school sweet hearts. Pefect for each other. On one school trip on the way to Chicago I remember Nancy couldn't stop laughing. She has a wonderful infectious laugh that makes everyone happier just to hear it. Mike would just smile with that great smile that everyone knows so well and look at her so endearingly as if that was the greatest sound ever. Many years after high
    school I had the good fortune to work with Mike in his capacity as a volunteer for United Way. Someone to whom you could always go to for advise. Just the volunteer hours he put in to make sure that money was raised and then allocated to meet community needs is unmeasureable. So many lives have been impacted as a result of all his time and efforts. A role model for many then and now. I wish there were more truly genuine people like Mike in the world as it would truly be a better place. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Taryn P.

  7. Early morning trips up to Camp Crosley with Mike will always be treasured memories. For over 14 years Mike volunteered his professional architecture services as he worked to improve the facilities and campers' experience at Camp Crosley. Not only did Mike bring his professional knowledge but also his love and passion for group camping. The overall site visits by a professional to ensure our accreditation, the design and overseeing of the new attached bathhouses and pavilions, decks, Nature Center front redesign, kitchen expansion, all of the work involved in the evaluation for our expansion with the new camp site, layout for the new yurts, multi-purpose building, service-learning experiences for BSU students, etc. are just a few of the projects and areas touched by Mike. I loved the road trips (Mike did allow me to drink coffee in his car) when he would update me on his family, whom he adored. As we all know, Mike loves Nancy's humor and she is truly the best soul-mate in the world! I know without question that Camp Crosley is the premier camp that it is today due to the efforts of Mike Ellis. What a great guy! Mike, your footprint of grace and love is huge and I am so grateful that the Ellis family has touched my life. God has you in His precious arms. Love, Pat Zeabart