Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Mike is resting comfortably...We seem to have his pain under control. It is wonderful having Hannah here. Shared responsibility is always easier. Mike's brother has been visiting from out of town also. Mike's mind is so much clearer when he is awake. He still has a great sense of humor. He is aware that a friend brought some hostess "snowballs" to our house. I have a hard time letting him eat them, especially in bed. (I am not thinking they are the best nutritional choice) I don't like him to sleep with pink coconut crumbs. Yesterday he said to his brother, "do you think there is a chance in h-e-l-l that Nancy would let me have a snowball?" My reply..."not a snowball's chance!" He ate the snowball, crumbs and all.


  1. It's nice to hear from you today. Thank you for sharing yourselves with so many who care, pray, and think of you much more than you could know. "...by small and simple things are great things brought to pass."
    Thinking of you,
    Mark and Karen Perkins

  2. Ah, humor....you and Mike do it best! Have a good day, crumbs and all!


  3. Even during the difficult days you continue to amaze us as you find the bright, happy part to share with all. Forget the nutrition and remember the joy you gave to Mike as he ate that snowball. So, glad Hannah is with you right now not only to help with Mike's care but to be there for her Mama. Thanks for taking the time to share, nice to see and hear the humor in your voice!

    love and hugs to all,

  4. That reminds me of Parker's joke that he told in Sacrament meeting. What's the difference between a snow man and snow women? The snowballs! Yes, Sacrament meeting!! Oh, the proud moments of parenthood!
    We love you guys and pray for you daily!

  5. It makes me happy to see your happy moments. I hope there are more of them.

  6. Mike & Nancy,
    Whether planned or not, I have always beleived "laughter" can help ease the pain of troubles and humor can sometimes provide a different kind of medicine....As always, SusanT

  7. What a great post! Thanks! I like to smile when I think of the two of you and I am doing that right now! Isn't Mike a Ding Dong lover? There's no time like the present to indulge that a bit...crumbs never hurt anyone!!
    Mike is at one of those places that all of us yearn for a little & are scared of too....
    For once he can live a little dangerously or on the wild side & have a Ding Dong or Snoball for breakfast, lunch & dinner if he wants it! It won't change a thing & will make you both laugh at the outrageousness of it all! Let him have what he wants & enjoy these happy moments! Also, glad to hear Hannah's back..she is great for everyone's spirits! Take care & thanks again for sharing...Hear, Hear to living on the edge in Hostess land!!
    Lots of love coming your way..
    Cindy, Jeff & Chelsea

  8. What a great laugh! Thanks for brightening my day!